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Friday, March 27, 2009

the uglyest puppy pictures

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Anonymous said...

this is the ugliest dog ever. my other dog looks better than that thing. this dog looks like a retarded rat. he/she looks dehydrated. she/he needs help. that dog belongs in the trash can. where it came from. srry about the comments but these are my opinions. dont hate. appreciate

Anonymous said...

GOT DAYYUUUMM!!!!!!!!!!! What's wrong with that mothafucka!!?? Diz lil son of a bitch look like he got some damn down syndrome!! This aint even a dog It's more like an IT! or a THING! That THING/IT looks like something I left in the toilet this morning!! Whoever ownz diz THING needs to put IT down!! Sh1t it don't need to be on the streetz cuz it will give ppl nightmarez!!

Anonymous said...

This dog is beautiful in it's own way his name is "Elroy" I think.His tongue sticks out because he has teeth missing and he is a chinese crested that is why he's bald but has a little hair. Plus he's old thats why he has black stuff around his mouth. Please dont call me or him stupid i am only in 5th grade.

arielhenry said...

he is u.g.l.y uhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

whoever the owner ( no offense ) but dat thing look like a ugly rat !!!!!!!!

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